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Zen Studio's first PopCap pinball table coming "end of summer"

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  • Zen Studio's first PopCap pinball table coming "end of summer"

    Whoo! Zen's first PopCap table is coming by the end of summer! Zen announced today. Peggle, Plants vs Zombies, or Bejeweled. We'll just have to wait and see! I hope this comes to 3DS too!!! Check the
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    .. end of summer + give or take 2 to 3 months = actual release date.


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      Not so sure about the 2+3 months. But the announcement just gave a time period, not exact date.


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        End of summer could mean up to early october so don't get too excited yet :P

        This year in general we seem to be getting less tables. Last year we had Mars, Sorcerer's Lair, Ms Splosion Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America and Vengeance and Virtue pack. Maybe Zen just have more people on each table now the production values have risen... At least this years line up doesn't have any duff tables in it so far! Bring on Plants Vs Zombies! *fingers crossed*


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          This is very good news. I surely can't wait for that. Avenger's Chronicle and a PopCap themed table within close proximity of each other is a great treat. Just like how we had V&V pack and Epic Quest close with one another. Brilliant!
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            Whoa when I first saw the thread title I thought there would be a trailer or more info. I know Barbie had mentioned already they were working a Pop-Cap table that would be coming out by the end of summer.

            Still would have loved to see a trailer but I don't think that will happen until Avengers Chronicles is finally released.

            Still think it will be a Plants Vs Zombies Themed table. I didn't know about Pop-Cap until I played PVZ. Can't picture Peggle or Bejewled as a pinball theme table but Zen could surprise us. Maybe Peggle with the different types of ball mechanics.


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              A trailer right now would be too early. I'd say a trailer should be out closer to release date. I'm sure we''ll be seeing more from this!


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                Defo wont happen before Avengers Chronicles and Zen Pinball 2 launches as it wouldn't be good marketing imo as it would draw attention away from the other 2.

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                  Let's hope it's on Popcap tables this week!
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                    Whoo! Popcap tables are out this September!!!