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while waiting for the new tables got stuck on Paranormal

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  • while waiting for the new tables got stuck on Paranormal

    So, just like everyone else, I can't wait for the new tables. While waiting, I started to better all of my own scores and found myself stuck on Paranormal. When I first played it 8-10 months ago I thought it was a good well rounded table. This past week I played 5 games and only finished 2 of them because of a glitch in the levitation ball mode. Two balls became stuck under the ball launch ramp on the right and one ball became stuck under the left ramp just above the Chupacabra with the 2 rolling eyeballs. 20+ hours wasted because the ball will not free itself. At least regenerate the ball after the game has been tilted for more than 10 seconds. What a waste, a beautifully designed table with a least 2 Major flaws!! Zen Studios Please Help Us, this game is worth saving. (Are you There?)

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    Wait until ZP2 comes out. Those glitches/bugs will be fixed on the table.


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      I posted that this exact same thing happened to me (on paranormal) about a month ago. And everyone seemed to act as though this was an unprecedented and exceedingly rare event lol. I feel your pain. I more than doubled my previous high score when mine froze up on me. I have never understood why it won't unlock after 10 seconds of tilt, etc...

      They say that these will be addressed in ZP2, however it seems to be having a very difficult time getting approved. Hopefully this isn't an indicator of the quality of the product... I would love to play the ZP1 tables WITHOUT glitches/bugs! Let's hope.


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        i play Paranormal on xbox 360 fx2 pinball

        this has happened 3 times this week and maybe 8 times since I bought it. My son is 7 and he played it on his ps3. He said that it sucks compared to the xbox version so lets hope zp2 will fix everything. His exact words were "that game isn't very good."


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          I'm trying to understand how 20+ hours were wasted on a stuck ball. Was that how long one game was going before this happened? If so.. wow!

          I still play the table a few times a day in general, and while I'm not very good, I have yet to have a ball stick on me.


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            it was 3 seperate games for that total time.

            One game took over 6hrs when the ball became stuck. The next game was over 9hrs long when that ball became jammed. Game Three was over 7hrs long when that ball was also stuck, that is the total time of the games Bro.Now I have Played Paranormal more than 6 times in a row without completing a full game. One game I actually got the ball stuck above the left magna save hole and it disappeared into the ball launch. I thought for a brief second that the Guys at Zen might have fixed it, but I Knew that my fx2 pinball hasn't had an update since 6/11. Sure enough 10 minutes later in that same game I locked another ball under the right launch ramp, what a total bummer Levitation ball has become to this dude. I am not giving up on Paranormal though, instead I'm giving up on Levitation ball. At least until this major design flaw is corrected. Someone at Zen Studios Please read this and help me. I hadn't realized that I've been writing in the wrong forum though guys and girls. Although I have a PS3 and an XBOX 360, I always play on FX2 Pinball. I have both ZP & FX2 Pinball versions and FX2 is by far superior in all aspects. My 7 year old son said, "Why do I want to play those tables on PS3 when the flippers don't always work when you press the buttons. Especially the flippers up top." He's a smart kid. I only bought ZP & Marvel Pinball on PS3 for my Vita and it's Aching for it. I, like probably all PS3 owners, can't wait for the ZP2 & Marvel Pinball Updates!!!
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