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  • What is the difference?!

    Just a quick question. I have recently downloaded Zen Pinball 2 for Mac and have been playing Sorcerers Lair (which is brilliant). The thing I dont understand is, this is meant to be Zen Pinball 2 yet from what I can tell, the game looks exactly the same as the PS3 release from last year? Is there meant to be a big difference between the macs ZP2 release and the early PS3 release of the game? What are the differences?

    In this vid for example, the game looks pretty much identical to my mac version.

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    The primary reason for ZP2 is bring both Marvel and Zen tables together in 1 application than trying to start Zen pinball and Marvel Pinball separately for the PS3.

    Also there are supposed to be improvements to the physics.

    I think I recall that they are adding more color sharper to all the tables so the tables look more crisper at least for the PS3. You really can't tell in that video.

    That's all I can say now. There is a FAQ thread containing more info.
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