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Registered just to say I love Zen and thank you. (gush post)

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  • Registered just to say I love Zen and thank you. (gush post)

    Yes, I am late to the game... specifically, this one on the Vita! Just yesterday, I surfed over here to the forums to check up on the Windows 8 version development. But as I was slowly reading down the forum list to find it, I see "Playstation 3 and Vita". I stopped in gamer-stunned stillness of wonder and disbelief.

    My new shiny Vita, that has succedded my favorite PSP... My Vita that I love the concept and the beauty, but don't have many games that I like for it. My Vita that goes everywhere with me, even to lunch-break at work.

    My. Vita. Will. Soon. Have. Zen. Pinball. o_0

    I am still a bit freaked out, in a good way, and so this is just a "gush-post" of love for EVERYBODY at Zen that feeds my pinball addiction.

    My history will help explain my love for pinball and love for Zen: I've played RL machines and loved them starting from about the age of 7. Never cared much for digital versions until I found ZP2 on Xbox 360. Fell in love; and it's the ONLY reason I still have said Xbox 360. Seriously.

    I bought and loved a PSP. I clung onto it until just recently because of the 2D pinball game by Zen.

    Bought an iPod Touch a few years back, and almost instantly upgraded to the current gen ipod simply because the older ones didn't support Zen. I was eager to try out the Epic Quest table, but was disappointed when I couldn't make the plunger work. (Still can't, but oh well.)

    Bought / tried a 3DS, but it wasn't for me, as the only game I liked was ZP that I downloaded. But something just didn't feel right.

    But now... BOOM! Vita! ... This feels right.

    So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Zen, for plotting with Pinky and the Brain to conquer the world on every system imanginable. Thank you. Thank you.

    Here now, just take all of my money. I know you will eventually, but I'm okay with that.

    YOU DESERVE IT! Because you are my hero. If you ever make a "#1 Zen fan" t-shirt, I'll be in for one.

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    Thank you so much! We are BEYOND excited to release Zen Pinball 2 on the Vita next month! Welcome to the forums, by the way!