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VITA WHY OH WHY!? Portrait mode borked!

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  • VITA WHY OH WHY!? Portrait mode borked!

    Maybe I'm missing something because I just grabbed some tables on the VITA this morning but all I really want is physical button flippers in portrait mode. It seems as though I can't use the face buttons, but instead have to use the touch screen. Pinball arcade did the same thing and it ruined it for me. I love portrait mode as it feels like I'm playing on a real table but I prefer the actual buttons. Maybe X and Triangle or X and Circle would be great. Pinball Arcade did it on the PSP and it was great. It's odd that they borked it and now you guys did too. Please add this option or someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    P.S. - I prefer Zen to Pinball Arcade. Thanks for a great game. Have it on 3 platforms.
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