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No Trophies on Vita?

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    Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    Send me a message or email me, support @
    Sent you am email regarding this. Forgot I started this post lol. Only looked because I want Star Wars


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      Could you help me? I cannot get trophies on my xmb menu. I am from NA. This is for my PS3.
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        Can you help me with my issue? I have sent you a mail with my region but still nothing?



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          Having the same problem, but I own Star wars Pinball full , trophies are unavailable and its telling me to purchase marvel avengers pack, tried redownloading from the psn store page and download list and problem persists, sent a PM and and email to support, my region it's US

          Originally posted by sbronko View Post
          I've got similiar problem.
          I have classic pack - 4 tables imported succesfully on my ps vita, but no trophies
          When I click trophy icon in game I get same message and link to buy avengers pack.
          Is this how it should be, or is it a bug? Do I really have to buy this marvel avengers pack? I don't want it
          Can I buy other table to have trophies in ALL tables in my collection?


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            still kind of frustrated, haven't been able to fix the game so I can earn my starwars trophies on my vita... what an anoying bug....after contacting support the only solution offered to me was to purchase the marvel avengers pack for 9+ dollars, I am not a fan of the avengers so i probably wont be doing that....

            anyone other ideas on how to fix this? just want to play the Star wars tables I purchased on my new vita as intended (with trophies enabled)

            thanks in advance


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              just wanted to let you guys know, i was able to fix the bug with BarbieBobomb via email, it was not the solution i was expecting, but for me it was a reasonable one, since I've been trying to fix this bug for about 15 days... i kinda gave up on the bug.... in the end I had to just buy the marvel avengers pack for $9,99 to unlock trophies, if seems that buying other tables do NOT unlock trophies if you have this bug....

              barbie said it is the ONLY option to unlock the paid version for the people experiencing the bug....and she couldn't offer other options to fix it because they don't have any more complimentary marvel unlock codes available anymore like they offered in the past...

              if you get this bug contact support of course, maybe they can offer a different solution in the future... hopefully they will get codes for people with this bug while the bug exists...hopefully it will get patched so people don't experience it at all....I was promised some compensation for this inconvenient in the future since i wasn't really interested in the avengers pack...very reasonable...

              today I'm happy to put this bug behind me and focus on earning my pinball trophies


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                Need assistance unlocking trophies for PS Vita

                I am a NA region user and I have sent a private message to BarbieBoBomb.