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IMPORTANT message regarding Zen Pinball 2

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  • IMPORTANT message regarding Zen Pinball 2

    Hey everyone! Just a note to explain the turbulence we're experiencing with Zen Pinball 2:

    We are aware that some users are experiencing import issues, we are working with SCEA and SCEE to fix this. Please understand that this is a very complicated launch: backwards compatibilty, Cross Buy, a huge library of content across mulitple games, as well as brand new DLC... you can imagine that a lot can go wrong. Please remain patient while we work on these issues From the bottom of our hearts, we apologize for the inconvenience, we know you've been so patient and supportive through the long wait for Zen Pinball 2. We are so lucky to have such great fans!

    Also, Fantastic Four will be coming soon, it just needed some extra attention before we could release it. I know you'll all be happy with how far it has come since its original launch!

    Thank you all for your continued support! We <3 our fans!!

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    Köszönjük és imádunk titeket

    Thank you and take my best wishes. (I am suffering importing problems as well. Until, I play with my brand new PvsZ table.


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      No probs Zen; you guys always strive to do your Fans the best and this is no different, every launch has its hiccups and considering what you guys had to implement in ZP2... Its not about the Mistakes its about how you Correct them which in my opinion you are one of very few devs who alway do as such.

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        All working for me now (On Vita) other than the Classic pack which is missing off the store so I can't unlock them, though the trial works so at least they are downloaded ready to use.

        The only other issue I had was them showing a price in the store, but this often happens with the cross buy stuff I find so I just went into each pack I already owned and it shows Free on the actual purchase page. Although I now notice I could also have just done it from within the game itself, which is good as it gets hard to remember what you downloaded already so doing it from in-game is more practical.

        Hopefully the classics pack will show up shortly, although personally they always felt the weakest of the all the tables anyway.

        Very impressed with the PS Vita version of the game, it plays far better than Zen Pinball did on PS3 which always felt "off" to me compared to Pinball FX.

        Although all future DLC will be on PS3/Vita now thanks to the cross buy, no point buying it on Pinball FX2 if I can get the portable version for free by choosing PS3.

        Sony really needs to push all developers to do this, its the one thing that convinced me, a long standing Xbox fan, to use my PS3.
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          The PSN SCEE store is not fully updated, that is why you aren't seeing the Classics come up yet. They'll be there soon!


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            Yea, it took me a few tries to get my tables imported on both PS3 and PS Vita, but I got them working and it was worth every second of it. I'm off to buy the PvZ table now.

            Thanks for another awesome game!



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              As posted in another thread..

              No doubt a headache of a day for Zen Studios but we do appreciate all your hard work.

              The games industry is horrendous for the hours it demands of workers on the days before a release.. trust me people Zen are slogging their guts out..


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                Thanks for being understanding! You guys are the best!!!


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                  is still still ongoing?

                  the Ps3 EU look to be working here. but no go on PsV EU dont.

                  new info would be good.
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                    Still working... sit tight!


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                      little info

                      a FYI if you did not know

                      all Zen pinball addon content for ZP1 is missing from EU (UK) PSN.

                      ZP2 addon content also is blank.

                      i dont know if this is link to inport or not.
                      however with them missing your not going to make any money. and not making money = bad.


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                        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
                        Also, Fantastic Four will be coming soon, it just needed some extra attention before we could release it. I know you'll all be happy with how far it has come since it's original launch!
                        What was wrong with Fantastic Four at launch?


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                          I have ZP1 on PS3 but the console is broken, should I be able to import onto my Vita?

                          I can see the classic tables unlock on PSN Store from my Vita but no way to download it so stuck in demo mode.

                          Having played demo version of tables on demo mode I can say this game is bloody awesome!


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                            What I am doing is downloading the tables straight from the PS Store. Also because the import is missing the background option it seems. Anyway, in the Italian PS Store all tables were there!

                            My biggest issue is my wifi signal. Today it decided to be junk!!


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                              EU PS3 has no unlock purchase for the Earth Defense table. I was able to get it on Vita, but can't get it for PS3 =(

                              Only trial is available in the Store.