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FX tables ever coming to Zen?

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  • FX tables ever coming to Zen?

    Are any of the FX/FX2 only tables coming to Zen2? I would gladly (and WILL) buy every single one should they ever be ported over. Sure I can buy them on the 360 but I don't think I speak alone when saying it would be great having the complete collection all on one system so we don't need to switch back and forth during those long pinball marathon nights, not to mention the fact that not everyone owns both consoles. :-) I'm pretty certain that the 360 owners would also love to see more of the Zen tables arrive on their platform as well.

    Are there any plans to bring more tables over to both sides so that no one is missing out any of them?

    Zen doesn't have: Biolab, Pasha, Rome, Secrets of the Deep, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Ms Splosion Man, Nightmare Mansion, Speed Machine, Extreme, Agents, and Buccaneer

    FX doesn't have: El Dorado, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Shaman, Tesla, and V12

    It's obvious why Ms Splosion Man and Ninja Gaiden Sigma aren't on both systems, but how about the rest?
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    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see some of the FX2 tables make their way to the Zen Pinball 2 platform. Secrets of the Deep, BioLab, Rome, Pasha, Nightmare Mansion... *Dreams of playing them on Vita*


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      This has been requested by both platforms for a while know. All I know is that they said they know it has been a big request by many and they are aware of it. Sad thing is though is that both Sony and Microsoft love exclusivity. In some cases they how these exclusive titles will get players to buy the other system.

      In my case I love pinball and would love to see PFX2 tables on the PS3 and vice verse. I won't just buy another console just to play piball also on the other hand I don't want to pay another monthly fee to access XBOX live anyway.


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        Originally posted by tenorhero
        on the other hand I don't want to pay another monthly fee to access XBOX live anyway.
        You can buy and play games from XBL without a subscription. All the subscription does is let you play online, give you early demos/betas once in a while, and let you use Netflix... which you then also have to pay separately for. LoL.