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change with analog buttons?

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  • change with analog buttons?

    just noticed on the epic quest table that the launch button (X) does not operate as analog.

    its either all or nothing.

    makes skill shot impossible.

    i recently got a new controller, a jungle green ds3 from ebay.

    i had an issue with one i bought (and returned) previously that ended up being counterfeit (wouldnt hold charge).

    the new controller seems perfectly fine (i mostly play bf3 where analog is only used with the sticks).

    am i alone here or is there an issue with zen 2?

    will try other controllers/tables to investigate...

    EDIT...tried same table with a different controller, one that came with my ps3...SAME ISSUE!

    looks like analog ball launch is busted on epic quest?!?!?!?

    will check another table...

    EDIT #2...have the same issue on mars and tesla also.

    hope devs take notice of this asap as it seems something is up.
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    One of the analog sticks is defaulted to manual ball launch and x is defaulted to automatic ball launch. I previously used R2 for manual ball launch (in ZP1/Marvel) but they eliminated that mapping scheme in ZP2. Go into the controller settings and see what you like. I like nudge on the right analog and I settled with manual ball launch on the left analog stick because I could not map it to either L2 or R2.
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      thanks for the heads up...will check it out.