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PvZ glitch - PS3

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  • PvZ glitch - PS3

    Hi guys. Played plants vs Zombies last night on PS3. Got high score which won't last, even though I was victim of a game glitch a couple of times which caused lost ball. It happened during the final 'boss' or zombie battle. At some point during the battle, another ball is launched onto the table. During this multiball, if you lose one of the balls, BALL LOST occurs, even though there is another ball active on the table. You can keep playing that ball and launch the 'next' ball onto the table, but the game registers this as the next ball, and you are down one. This happened multiple times in one game. I lost one of the balls, and saw all my EoBB's coming up on the DMD while still playing. Kinda frustrating ya know
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