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ZP2 - table and nudge bugs (PS3)

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  • ZP2 - table and nudge bugs (PS3)

    Hi all,

    May I first say that Zen Pinball 2 is fantastic and well worth the wait! Next to business and to report two bugs with the PS3 version.

    Captain America table
    The hurry up, save bucky, central adhesive X ramp isn't always detecting that it's been hit. The fault seems to occur when the ball hits the ramp at high speed. Repeated attempts usually make it detect.

    Motion control nudge system
    I've used the motion control for nudge on both ZP1 and Marvel with no issues. The motion control on ZP2 is far too sensitive and can even cause nudges when the controller is sitting untouched on flat surface. I've tested this issue on Tesla, Blade n Spidey. Also I've tried two different Dual Shock controllers. As the motion system is also used when browsing a table I note that that also only takes the slightest tilt to change. Would it be possible to add a motion control sensitivity option or if not dial back the sensitivity slightly?