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  • Big Hero 6 pinball!

    Saw the movie last weekend and it was AWESOME. I feel that a machine done in the style of Avengers or the Star Wars Episode tables could work really well with this theme. Plus there is humor so if done properly, this could be one of the best Marvel tables yet.
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    • Originally posted by sk8terboi1000
      not really a table idea i would love the option to turn down the lights. Pinball is awesome when it glows in the dark.
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      • I would love to see a table based of the old batman tv show


        • Wow some of these suggestion are super cool. I have not read through all the posts, but I also have an idea or two.

          My first idea is from the movie genre (i know in other posts i have recommended Terminator, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park) and it is... Kick Ass! I think it would make an awesome table visually and for playability. please excuse me if someone has suggested it before

          My second idea would be from a genre that has quite a smaller fan base, but its my most favorite sport that i ALWAYS watch and it is....motogp or superbikes. Definitely would be easy to come up with missions for it, such as qualifying, racing, dealing with technical and mechanical glitches etc etc

          Anyways, those were my suggestions, hope you guys like it, especially the creators from Zen Pinball and decide to make one of my suggestions


          • I personally would love a Daredevil (The Man Without Fear) table. I know not many know of him besides me, but he does cross paths with Spidey and some of his foes are Vermin and the Kingpin. Daredevil was my handle before there was an internet lol. Also an Epic Quest 2: The Search for More Loot! and even another planet table like MARS...just on a different planet of course! The MARS table is zen-like to me. And of course some more SP tables if able to and a 4 pack of Indiana Jones tables based off the 4 movies. Thanks for listening.
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            • Originally posted by Rafie
              I'm right there with you, Disco! I don't think Zen can with their contract with Marvel though. Still...hopefully one day it can happen. I would certainly love it.

              However, my dream table(s) would still be a Scooby-Doo one with the rest of the Hanna Barbera. You know Smurfs, Jetsons, Flintstones, etc.

              I know Barbie gets tired of seeing me post about it. LOL If I could just get one of them...I would be satisfied (preferably Scooby or Flintstones) . Hehe
              I am right there with you Rafie I grew up on Scooby-Doo Where are You!
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              • Originally posted by shogun00
                With the release of the Super Football League table, I would really love to see a basketball themed table.

                A NBA Jam themed table would be awesome.
                I used to play a lot of NBA JAM on my SNES! Yes this would be a cool table indeed.
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                • what about those movie related titles?
                  Mad Max: Fury Road (since im a huge fan of the old movies, too)
                  Terminator: Genesis (since the real "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" table was so cool)


                  • I would like to see more tables with video mode like on ghost rider and having hold bonus give you two bonuses on the end of ball 3
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                    PLAY MORE PINBALL!!!!

                    Go Bowen Kerins!!!


                    • Being that im a grown man and that i must use my grown mans credit card to have these tables, i would like to suggest more mature, darker, horror genre tables & titles.

                      Marvel/ Stephen Kings The Dark Tower Graphic novels would be EPIC Tables.

                      Please make them, then take my money.


                      • A Robocop vs Terminator table pack.

                        One Robocop theme, one Terminator themed, and one actual Robocop vs Terminator table (based off of the videogame).


                        • Just one for now but its the best one!

                          You really need to add a ELVIRA table!!
                          October would be the perfect month for holloween
                          Everyone loves Elvira!


                          • Suggested Tables..

                            Ive said it so many times a Star Trek The Next Generation table would be awesome as I have played the real table alot so addictive and fun, and all you need to do is copy the original..

                            Also as someone else mentioned earlier a Golf table would be cool for all us Golf addicts.


                            • Originally posted by ffpoke
                              How about a Star Trek The Next Generation table for their remaster on blu-ray

                              I second that mate, the STNG table is awesome!


                              • Castlevania (I think anything is welcome)

                                Sonic The Hedgehog (with superfast situations!)

                                Devil May Cry (JACKPOT!!!!)

                                Final Fantasy VII


                                I'll think of more to say here eventually. Good topic!
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