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    Must have tables




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      Omg...i almost forgot...

      -star trek: Tng

      ...that table was sooooooooo sick!!!!!!!!!

      (running the ball up the left and right ramp to activate the console)...


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        Originally posted by Madmikeee

        I.T. Table based on us poor lan janitors who work in the computer field. Gremlins in the system, virus's, etc etc.
        you got my vote there


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          Pulp Magazine Themes (plus)

          Tarzan, H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow, Doc Savage - (my favorite choice), any E.C. comic.


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            I would love to see Epic Quest II and sequels to the other classic tables!
            "Zen Pinball Rules!"


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              My ideas for zen pinball table

              I was wondering if you could create pinball table for all Marvel and DC Comic Character. ex. Batman, Superman, Spiderman the movie 2,3, Batman Begin, Batman The Dark Knight, Batman the Dark Knight Rises, etc. Also other pinball table such as Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and all of dreams work movies such as Shrek 1,2,3,4, Madagascar, Bee the movie, and others. Also cartoonnetwork character, such as Chowder, Dexter Labortory and others. Also Focus Entertaintment ex. Coraline, Paranorman and more. I don't know if this idea is good but, I was wondering if you could create an NYCTA subway Pinball Game. basically the background sound will have NYCTA Train running in the background. also theme park pinball such as Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, Heshey Park, Six Flags Great Adventure. Also Rollercoaster tycoon 3 pinball game. Please try to make this happen, I would really want to see these ideas come to life
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                Ideas for Zen Pinball Table

                I was wondering if you could make ET-Extra Terrestrial pinball, Scooby doo the movie, Scooby doo monster unleashed, Pirates of the carribbean, and all of the pinball machine that is already out. Some of the pinball that people mention above on this post is created already, like Rollecoaster Tyoon Pinball, Indiana Jones, Transformer and more. They can be found on Youtube. Rollecoaster tycoon can be found on this link. Transformer Pinball can be found on this link Also can you create the Twilight Zone Pinball that is already out, here is the link for it on youtube All existing pinball table can be found on youtube. What I hope for, is for the company to try and get all of the existing pinball game that exist and put them in zen pinball, also other ideas that people really want. I think you have to ask the company that created the existing pinball machine for permission, so that you can be able to create these wonderful existing pinball machine into zen pinball. I really hope that all of these wonderful ideas that we ask for for come to life. Also I was wondering if you could create pinball machine for tv show such as Family Guy, Supernatural, Simpson and many others. Thanks so much for hearing all of theses wonderful ideas. Zen Pinball Company is the best and so is their pinball table
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                  My wonderful, creative Ideas for Zen Pinball Tables

                  I was wondering if you could also make zen pinball table for rides in the theme park. For ex. Disney World Magic Kingdom- The haunted Mansion Ride, Epcot- Mission to Space , Animal Kingdom- Expedition Everest, and MGM Studios- The tower of terror, also more rides. Also Six Flag Great Adventure Rides ex. The Dark Knight Coaster, The Green lantern Coaster and many more. Basically using theme parks ride in the real world and then converting them in to pinball table for each rides. There are many more theme park that i have not listed, but hopefully you get the ideas what i am trying to say. Zen Pinball Tables is the best Pinball table game in the whole wide world.
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                    So many great ideas in here! Someone above mentioned a Doctor Who table…now THAT I’d be pretty keen on. I really like the idea of holiday themed and classic games tables as well.

                    There are some classic movies that would make great tables like Wizard of OZ, Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins. Just about every Pixar IP would make for a great table (an Incredibles or Monster’s Inc table would be sweet) as would Nightmare Before Christmas.

                    For original tables, some ‘period pieces’ might work out nicely, like tables themed around the 50’s (greasers and beatnicks) or 70’s (a disco themed table with a reflective disco-ball to hit around would be fun) and even a 1600’s Pirates theme table would be neat.

                    Of course, there are a bunch of existing game which would make for great ZP2 tie-ins: SSX, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, and Little Big Planet come to mind.

                    A TV show that would make for a fun table would be ‘The Aquabat’s Super Show’. While the Aquabats have been around a while, the TV show is still pretty new. I’m not sure of ratings numbers and demographics, but it may prove to be a somewhat inexpensive license and perhaps enough of a draw to make it viable.

                    The one license I would love to see, but I know I never will as its pretty niche, would be a Mystery Science Theater 3000 table. Now THAT would be the ultimate in geek-pinball, heh heh.


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                      Another idea

                      Making tables would be so much easier without licences

                      Anyway... The strong point of ZEN is that the themes are except from the Marvell tables very generic and that's what make them timeless and will keep the replay value.
                      E.g. People who dont like pixar would'nt buy those tables in the first place, so the more generic, the better. (Believe me. I love every Zen table, even the marvell tables since it has been released on the vita) But if Zen came up with a FRIENDS, Southpark or House theme I refuse to buy it

                      Little sidenote. Since pinball is basicly for game fans, video game tables are quite safe to do in my opinion.

                      So... that sayed, here's my suggestions...

                      An evolution table (maybe not suitable for christians though hehe, so I cancelled out a bit my earlier statement
                      Goal : Start off as a 1-cell organism and work your way up to a superhuman.

                      Panic in the kitchen table.
                      Be an amateur cook and try to make some great dishes and work your way up to a master chef.
                      Goal : Make a great dish in a big restaurant for the fat president.
                      This table is all humor

                      City Domination!
                      You're a tiny insignificant mouse but have the urge to rule the City by force!
                      Mobelising insects, manipulating other animals with mind controling devicec etc etc...
                      Goal : Control every human in the city
                      Again a humoristic table.

                      Aaaaand ACTION!
                      Movie director themed
                      Goal : Make a great Hollywood movie by getting actors (fictional names like John Boyman, Lisa Biggens) and collecting money
                      Humoristic table with a fat bearded ugly and screaming movie director.

                      Drain ball = OK.... CUT!
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                        My idea

                        [QUOTE=tenorhero;33273]There is a thread in the xbox forums that have great ideas.

                        here's one of my favs.

                        Back to the future - where you go to from 1985 to 1955/2015/1885 The ramps generally stay the same but other areas of the table changes depending on the year. I think it could be done.

                        Tombstone Could be a cool western theme. We haven't had a western themed table yet.

                        Great table ideas though[/QUOTE GREAT SCOTT just to tell you The Back To the Furture table was my idea and from alllllll of the other table suggestions Back To the Furture table would make a killing I suggested this table a longggggg time ago with ideas of the table transforming in respectful years of which the Dolreren travels too. Clocktower mission Biff mission Enchantment Under the Sea Dance mission and yes Earth Angel has to be played in the mission.I can name a ton more. I really think instead of these darn marvel tables and Popcap tables give us want we want Zen a Back To the Furture table or are you all just YELLOW lol


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                          The Quick and the Dead would be a better western themed table in my book. You have the tournament with all those great duels, and a boss at the end


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                            Originally posted by pinballfreak69

                            Tombstone Could be a cool western theme. We haven't had a western themed table yet.
                            "I'm your huckleberry."

                            I love Tombstone!


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                              Tombstone was good in a cheesy kind of way. I hated the Quick and the Dead. My all time favorite western, The Outlaw Josey Wales, is a great movie but I'm not sure how well it would translate to pinball.


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                                So, there are more of us suggesting multitable-tables, as I also brought up a while ago:

                                We need this to happen, this would be beyond epic, regardless of which theme is used cause it'll still be pure Zen awesomeness
                                (where can I press the "like" button?)