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trophies have completely disappeared

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  • trophies have completely disappeared

    they are still in my profile / trophy collection , but when i start they have all disappeared from the main menu and when i earn a trophy i that i already got i get the zen spinny zoomy , but the sony , weird .
    the only thing i can think of is i got a sync error before starting up zp2 , when i started playing i got that 4 table trophy explorer trophy . the zen and sony , i was what i already got that , i check my collection and it was on 2% then i re sync its at 35% , but in game all trophies have disappeared
    i don't have a pci use ps3 browser

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    I experienced the same issue yesterday


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      I get the same alot, started a thread last week. After you look at trophies in game menu and some are missing, reset the game and they will all be there.


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        Each time you start up Zen Pinball 2. The game checks your trophy profile and it reflects it. However, there appears to be a loading delay, when you have collected a certain number of trophies.

        I have all 56 trophies and when I start the game up only a few of them will show up at first. After I play a table for a while (30+ minutes) and go back to the table menu, then all of the remaining trophies have showed up.

        If you are playing a game that has an easy trophy and the game hasn't loaded up that trophy yet, then you will see the award (medal) pop up again. This has happened to me when I was playing Excalibur.

        I also notice that when you play offline and then login while playing ZP2, the trophy data will reset and reload again.
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          yeah there back now. at first i was cool double trophies ,but when i check my profile they don't add up .
          i don't have a pci use ps3 browser