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Tables That Play Different on PS3 vs Vita and Which do you prefer?

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  • Tables That Play Different on PS3 vs Vita and Which do you prefer?

    Hey all. I haven't played Zen 2 much on PS3, playing mostly on my Vita. I did play Iron Man for a bit today on PS3 and could tell very quickly that the ball responds differently than it does on Vita.
    I was wondering if others that have both systems have noticed this on other tables and if so is the difference enough where you prefer playing a particular table on one platform or another? Since the leader boards are combined knowing where to play a particular table could help people.
    I'll start.
    If you own both systems I'd recommend playing Iron Man on the Vita simply because I've found it's much easier to get 10x and then extra ball on the Vita. When hitting the ball with the right flipper to the left orbit, for me at least, the ball stops at the bumpers 75% of the time instead of making a full orbit. On PS3 I find it much more difficult to get the ball to stop from making a full orbit. It's in no way impossible but on a table where I can quickly drain a ball being able to quickly get an extra one really helps. Last I checked I was top ten on Iron Man. If I had to play that table only on PS3 I'd be nowhere near that score.
    BTW a quick way to see that the ball does behave differently is to start an Iron Man mission. Hold the right trigger while the ball is released from the sink hole. On Vita you'll catch it every time. On PS3 it bounces right out.

    So, what other tables have you found that play better on one system? And if this is widespread should there be separate leader boards?
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    I really hate that there are _significant_ differences between the two versions; especially because the leaderboards are connected.


    THOR is easier on VITA because you can catch shots coming down the right orbit 100% of the time. On PS3 the ball frequently hits the slingshots.

    BLADE is almost unplayable on VITA because the sewer ramp shot hits the hole in the middle and the ball either goes SDTM or you have to hit it wildly and hope for the best. On PS3 the same shot results in an easy catch (with a very tiny chance of going SDTM).


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      I dont have a Vita, but if the same table plays differently than on the PS3, I agree that the leaderboards shouldn't be linked. Or the leaderboard should tell if the score was obtained with a Vita or PS3.


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        TPA is the same way with the leaderboards. However, the mobile devices is indicated as such when you check the leaderboards. Anyway, I don't have a problem with the leaderboards being connected. It doesn't bother me. I love ZP2 on both platforms (PS3 & Vita). I do find that getting the trophies on the Vita is a bit more challenging than the PS3. I kind of like that about it. *shruggs shoulders*
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          I love playing on Vita, because it feels like it plays fast with tight controls. When I switch over to PS3 it feels slower with less powerful flippers. Mostly the differences seem to balance out from one platform to the other for me. Blade does seem noticibly easier with fewer sdtm drains on PS3. I don't feel that it warrants a separate scoreboard though. It wouldn't bother me if the boards listed which console you'd played, but it's not a big deal for me.

          EDITED TO ADD: So shortly after posting this I replayed Blade on Vita and topped my PS3 highscore by almost two million.
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