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  • Vita demos?

    How do you delete Zen Pinball 2 demos downloaded to a PS Vita? The ones I don't want are taking up valuable space on an already crammed 8GB card.

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    Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge you have to delete the entire game and then reinstall with only the tables you want. You'll keep your leaderboard scores but lose your local scores. As much as I love my Vita, Sony's decision to combine save data into the game install was idiotic. It feels like a cheap move to encourage consumers to buy more overpriced memory cards for their downloaded Vita games to avoid losing data. Instead it just discourages me from downloading Vita titles. Maybe the extension of cloud storage to Vita for PSPlus subscribers will help, but one shouldn't need to pay to be able to have control of their save data.

    Knowing that I can't just delete them later is what keeps me from downloading the NGS2 and SF2 demos. They might be really fun, but I'm on the fence enough that I don't want to risk the memory space. It would be awesome if Zen could somehow give us an ingame option to delete demos to reduce the strain and encourage users to experiment more.