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    Just wondering if the people at Zen Studios have ever thought of adding more scoring modes to Zen Pinball 2 (maybe down the road). I was thinking of online multiplayer in particular, here is an example :

    -5 Min Games + multiple penalty options all time high.
    -10 Min Games + multiple penalty options all time high.
    All other scoring online options and penalties all time high.

    Think it would be real cool for you guys to keep track of all this stuff, most of my games are played online with friends and it could be a bragging rights type of thing.
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    great idea

    nice to have options for short play sessions when you don't have a ton of time or if you need to rotate with friends


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      More VS options are always a good thing. Taking a page from Microsoft's failed Game Room (failed because they gave the designers a group of effectively "shareware" games to work with and tried to charge $3 each for them), you could add a number of options for multiplayer sessions - or even use them in the official weekly tournaments.

      * Single Ball (You only get one ball at the start and can't earn extra balls.)
      * Time Limit (The game only lasts for 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes and then your in-play ball drains and the game is over.)
      * Limited Attempts (For official tournaments, you have to "commit" to an attempt at the start of a game or your score won't count. You only get three of those in a week, and if you quit out mid-play the attempt counts as a score of zero.)
      * Mode Select (You can select particular features to have already been completed at the start of the game. For instance, you can begin a game of Wolverine with the Kickback and Claw Save active, or all the Whiplash and Mandarin missions already finished in Iron Man, or even Assemble fully spelled and the Wizard Mode instantly active in The Avengers.)

      Of course, you could argue that it's not really much of a contest of skill if you're playing on The Avengers table with a 3-minute time limit and each player begins with the Wizard Mode active. Being able to enable any table's mode on-demand might cheapen the experiences as well.

      (They'd also need to disable trophies during mode select play, or else people could use it to "farm" for trophies like defeating Sabretooth.)


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        Thanks guys, sending these ideas to the team!