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    This isn't working!

    My screens I use my PC on and also play my 360/PS3 on are rotatable to portrait mode, so I wondered why ZP3/PFX2 doesn't have a portrait mode as it would seem perfect given that the tables are portrait and it's difficult to find a good view in landscape sometimes.

    So I'll put this to a vote to see who would actually use portrait mode if it was available.
    Yes, definitely!
    Sometimes, but I'd like the option
    No, I play on standard TV screens.
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    Perhaps some of these feature polls need to be mailed to newsletter users so we can get a bit more realistic view on it.
    I'd love to see vertical compatibility. I could use it both for PC (waiting for Pinball FX2 on win 7 or waiting for when I have win 8) and PS3 (which I play atm) as I use a rotatable screen for both.
    Since it is already being done for VITA I assume (maybe wrongly) that this update could be made possible on short term?


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      Well all it is is a camera issue, different views change the camera position and behaviour. So all you would need is an option and a set of views for a portrait-style play, remembering to do the same for mini-playfields and feature views..

      And with any luck they'll let us change views without having a ball in play first, which is just a retarded restriction imo.


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        I wouldn't vote NO about having the option, but I'd vote NO about using it. I can't rotate my tv, there are no chances that I would play it on portrait view in a landscape screen. Apart for the fun of trying, that's it.
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          Bump, for justice!


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            Looks like they have implemented it. I am playing this way now on windows 7


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              Originally posted by Senthrax
              Looks like they have implemented it. I am playing this way now on windows 7
              Well but we are talking about the PS3 version (with an stereoscopic 3D feature).
              The possibility to rotate the screen (and a dual screen support for the DMD!!) would be awesome for ALL plattforms of course!

              DO IT Zen

              Any news about that?


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                *push for portrait mode* (FTW)

                Will it be a feature in the future?
                Is that possible or maybe only a feature for the PC-version? (That would be sad)
                Best regards,



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                  Apparently this is already on the vita version.

                  Waiting for word on this feature in order to replace my leaning, crappy TV mount with a much more sturdy one that can swivel. Save my TV from falling Zen!


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                    ZEN c'mon give us a hint please!


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                      Originally posted by Longi_land
                      ZEN c'mon give us a hint please!
                      Sorry, I don't think we have plans to do portrait mode in ZP2, but if that changes, I'll let you know.