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  • You know, it's my opinion if someone manages to grind that right sinkhole, they deserve the points. that shot is exceedingly dangerous. Perhaps it's easier on xbox360, but no matter how hard i try, i can't shoot it with any consistency. i can hit the left one easier, and similar shots on every other table i can hit at least 75% of the time. but that shot? OMG, HARD on steam.

    Here's what I learned.

    most right orbit shots and autoplunges will safely dead bounce off the right flipper to the left. those that don't can be tagged by the left one.

    If ball saver is lit, and the ball comes screaming down the LEFT inlane, just let it drain, the autoplunger will get you your ally.

    The number of allies collectable from the inlane hurryups is limited. after you get a few it will instead just give you a pro or anti reg bonus, though both lanes seem to be tracked separately.

    Those safehouse targets seem to be safest to backhand, as that send the ball at the fight lane, which is usually saveable.

    As captain america, you are penalized for more stuff than for iron man. With Captain America, you tag a raft target, and even if there is no one to disable, failing to hit that flash ramp will get you an instant enemy, or disable one of yours if there are no neutrals. Iron man can shoot the raft safely.

    Captain america gains allys for tagging the safehouse targets and then making the hurry up. iron man can only disable with them, but then gets to play a no penalty multiball. CA gets punisher assistance, but that target is actually very hard to hit when you want to. in fact it's better to just take the ballsaver so you can go back to getting more allies. Getting into the raft starts a difficult single ball mode, instead of the safe drain proofed multiball that iron man gets.

    Also, iron man doesn't get frozen until the game actually says he does. i've lost MANY allies that way.

    After shooting the right sinkhole, you can then shoot both upper ramps to get a 4 combo right there, and another ally if there are neutrals to recruit. getting a super combo is wasted if there is not.

    Since you can't plan for the inlanes, i recommend starting with CA and going for the safehouse targets early. And try to get direct hits, but don't stress too much over the difficult godly combos, though mastering them is worth it.

    In theory you can get 80 survivors in stamford multiball. if you can master the shot of left ramp from right flipper, you could theoretically repeat it till you are up to 8 allys, and START the game with wedding party. But just try it... you probably can't.

    The flash ramps are VERY finicky, but it's very rewarding when you are hitting them and getting repeated super combos one after the other. once i strung three back to back. Continuing the combo after the computer stops seems to set your hits to four.

    The lower right flash ramp is actually worth THREE combo. you get one for the flash itself, one bonus combo, and a third for the right orbit auto shot after.

    "Easy" super combos.

    Shoot right orbit, dead bounce to left flipper. shoot right orbit or right ramp. (i think this one is easiest)
    Shoot right ramp, hold up right flipper to send ti to left one, shoot right orbit or right ramp
    shoot left ramp, hold left flipper to transfer to right flipper, shoot left ramp again.

    WHen you are down to three hits left, you can shoot the right flash ramp to finish the combo, but that's a dangerous shot.

    Shooting for super combos won't gain you an enemy, as long as you don't tag something you should not.
    Safest way to handle left kickout in non fight mode is to let it dead bounce though it may enter the right inlane, and force a difficult hurryup.


    • Wow some people don't like this table? it's actually one of my favorite marvel tables


      • I am not the biggest fan of this one and almost regret purchasing it. I agree with someone's earlier statement that this table lacks the 'umph or interesting things that pulls me to keep playing. I hit wizard mode in the first 3 hours of owning it when it first came out and lost my will to continue it after that.


        • I sat down and put about 3 hours into this table last night and I have to say that I don't think it is just the worst Marvel table. I think it is possibly the worst table to ever come out of Zen Studios.

          Everything about it is a grind. It has horrible flow made worse by several abrupt shots and blockages. None of the shots are particularly satisfying. The theme is about as boring as anything Marvel related could possibly get. It is extremely ugly for both layout and art. etc, etc...