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Which table is your pet hate & why?

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  • Which table is your pet hate & why?

    For me it is currently Iron Man (though was previously NGS2) ...

    Being built around one of my favourite Marvel characters should mean that I love this table... but it's quite the opposite... I find it impossible to enjoy, though I have tried many times (mainly to try and better my friend's scores).

    Firstly, the ball feels sluggish and unlike on ANY other table, like it's coated with mount spray that stops it gaining any momentum. It's an overload of ramps with very little else of interest. Annoyingly placed dividers between the ramps mean all to often the ball rattles around in the bottom area, spoiling any flow. The drop targets for missions and multiball are angled in such a way as to be an instadrain on far too many occasions. The mission multiball mode where 9/10 times a ball immediately gets thrown down the outer left drain. Missions that feel overly similar. Finally the audio, with its many many dialogue repeats has me reaching for the mute button.

    That is mine.... what's yours?
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    civil war , i couldn't get into it don't like the missions or battles and flow of table and especially the trusters above the slingshots
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      Broadly looking at it I would say any of the tables where spamming anything is your best bet of making scoring progress and where the scores are actually not a reflection at all of a players mastery of a table e.g. Paranormal and recently Civil War. Everything else (e.g. the frustrations you have with Ironman) is just a challenge that you need to overcome to conquer the table. On a table such as Ironman your scoring should be seen as relative to the leaderboards scores because everybody is sitting with the same issues in terms of certain shots sending the ball SDTM.
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        It used to be V12 but kinda liking it lately. Its gotta be Tesla and I dont know why except that I suck on this table and cant get a groove goin.


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          I would have to say Paranormal just because I get bored playing it well before I'm in danger of losing the last ball.


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            Shaman! It's a nice table, but hitting those two side holes (which pretty much is a requirement to start and finish the missions) are a pain to hit.


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              I would agree V12, CW, and NGS2 are up there for me. I fully upgraded all parts on ZP1 and what a let down for "wizard mode". You get less points, than on missions...
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                For me it's Infinity Gauntlet, Civil War, Tesla and V12. I never get a nice flow on those tables. IG is not my kind of table due to the mind f*ck missions (I know, THATS is the whole idea of IG)
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                  V12, although Iron Man is up there for the reasons you listed. I can never get a flow going on V12, hate the announcer, and last about .5 millisecs on the crankshaft level. I've tried it recently with a somewhat open mind and (comparatively) better skills...nah, still a bummer.


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                    Definitely iron man - I know that personally I get the most insta-ball drains on that one from a bad shot, weird bounce.

                    No one else has mentioned this but I HATE doing the hand mission on the wolverine table for the same reason - I'm apt to get instagibbed with a weird bounce from one of the ninja. I love the wolverine table, it's one of my favorites.. just not that particular mission.

                    The only other thing that comes to mind are the lanes that end at the flippers in CW. Personally, I'd wish they'd drop the ball earlier instead of so close to the flipper.


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                      Iron Man. Oh I could have snapped my joypad in half playing that bugger.


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                        Originally posted by Wuneye
                        I HATE doing the hand mission on the wolverine table for the same reason
                        It can be frustrating, I've had more luck hitting the hand from the flipper on the same side over the opposite, but its still a crapshoot


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                          Seems like Iron Man is an unpopular table.

                          I don't know... I kind-of like it. If there is one table in the game I really don't like, it's V12, only because of <i>that</i> outlane. No other reason.
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                            Originally posted by Jeppo99
                            Seems like Iron Man is an unpopular table.

                            I don't know... I kind-of like it. If there is one table in the game I really don't like, it's V12, only because of <i>that</i> outlane. No other reason.
                            I love Iron Man, though it's, of course, a love-hate relationship (although, not so much anymore with the ZP2 physics). It's a table that was pretty darn hard in Marvel Pinball, but is heaps and bounds easier now in ZP2.


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                              I used to hate iron man, blade, excalibur, and V12. Now with ZP2 however, the only one i hate playing is V12 and sadly ninja gaiden due to the launching STDM >.<
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