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    Originally posted by Ty-24-
    i was chuggin right along through the last tournament and got knocked out after posting 3million on InfinityGauntlet. most of the tables i'm good at we've already played..with the exception of StarWarsV. tore that table up earlier playing against steppenwolf. scored 176million in 10minutes. probably my best rd ever.
    Wow...well thankfully we arent playing that table....yet! (Thats the one 1 SW table i havent really gone hard core at yet) but yeah, i guess any game could go bad for anyone for whatever reason... I was sooo nervous during x-men i was shaking.. lmao...then i was fine for SL 5mins later....haha.....


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      R13 & r14...

      R13 & r14 :
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        new rank :
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          R17 to R20 :

          9 and 10 April :
          R 17 : 2x5' Epic Quest (25%)
          R 18 : 2x5' Street Fighter II (25%)

          12 and 13 April :
          R 19 : 2x5' Mars (50%)
          R 20 : 2x5' Shaman (0%)


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            r15 & r16 rank.

            Winner r15 : ELMAFIOSO57
            Winner r16 : DOBBLE
            All players have received mail with infos for next round with date.
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              R17 & r18 :

              ranking :
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                It looks like 2 favorites have emerged from the pack..


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                  R19 & r20 :

                  R19 & R20 Ranking :
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                    Whoo hoo! Look who finaly won a round! Lol i guess it was bound to happen one week....thanks to Mars!


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                      Well i completly blew these last 2 rounds on Fear Itself and Ninja Gaiden. Very hard tables to score high in 5 mins. I knew i was up against the big dogs so i went all in with the hardest ways to score in order to get the major points...theory worked about 50/50 in practice....of course i was on the wrong side of the odds during the rounds
                      However i will be happy with finishing in the final six ...good luck to the finalist's over the last few rounds. And big thank you to Fracas for putting on this tournament, i had alot of fun and i am really looking forward to the next one!


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                        R23,24,25 :

                        Thank you Markit0smoky, you have made a good tournament. You finish 5th. The same for Tasepase (6th). I will post ranking later.

                        21 April, next rounds :

                        R23 : 2x5' Plants Vs Zombies (0%)
                        R24 : 2x5' Infinity Gauntled (50%)
                        R25 : 2x5' Thor (50%)

                        Good luck to Ty-24-, Bud991, Elmafioso and Tptime...
                        Thanks again to all players.


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                          R21 & r22 :

                          Ranking and infos :
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                            r23,24,25 :

                            R26 : 2x5' Civil War (50%)
                            R27 : 2x5' Clone War (50%)
                            GOOD LUCK...
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                              I would totally be interested in this tournament!!! I found Zen Pinball 2 on the PS3 maybe a month or so ago and I play it just about everyday. Spiderman is right now my favorite folllowed by Thor. I would like to see some Tournaments in with those tables if possible.



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                                End Tournament.

                                Finale :
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