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    Originally posted by shogun00 View Post
    I'm just going with what other forum users are saying on other sites. The one thing that was in common is that many of the people that didn't receive a code didn't buy or download anything for several weeks.

    Have you downloaded anything on the PSN store in the past two weeks? It's possible that you don't have to buy anything and it just needs to detect activity. Then again, it's possible that there are just a few snags in the message server and everyone was suppose to get one.

    This is just all speculation of coarse, since Sony hasn't said anything.
    Oh yeah, I've downloaded stuff over the past two weeks, but I think that has nothing to do with it. There's a big thread over at the official PS forums, it's a real mess. Apparently even some new users who just made accounts fairly recently happened to get one, then there are those who really are "loyal" and haven't got anything yet. We'll never know.


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      Just got the 10 code, my last purchace was AC2 in early Dec. Perhaps more coming just takes some time. Anyways its going to the SW tables like many here. I noticed there is an expire date of march 5th so theres still time for many more codes.


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        Originally posted by snakeman07 View Post
        Dude, it's legit They started sending them out at 12pm central time last night, great way to start the day of the big PlayStation event.
        Yup. I got one too. It launched the store and added $10 to my wallet, no BS.