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I hate trophies!!!

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  • I hate trophies!!!

    The ps3 trophy system sucks for this game. The constant disappearing/reappearing act is driving me nuts. I am not a trophy hunter and am apathetic towards the whole trophy system itself. My problem is i keep getting trophy popups which interupts gameplay and occassionally leads to drains do to pausing of the action at inoppurtune moments.

    However, I just discovered an "offline mode" for trophies. If you select "trophy collection" and hit the triangle button, you can choose between an offline and online mode. I imagine one stores and syncs trophies on psn servers and the other stores them locally on your HDD. I am hoping this solves my disappearing trophy magic trick. Has anyone else tried "offline mode"?

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    I myself love trophies. It never bothers my gameplay either. I guess to each his/her own.
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      I think you're going to be disappointed with that option. All it does is switch display views for Trophy Collection between the old style trophy collection view (offline) and one that looks like the list appears in the compare trophies view (online), except with no second player. There's really not much of a difference, its basically show me what's installed on this PS3 vs. show me what's on Sony's servers, but it doesn't change anything about how they pop up.


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        Rafie, you like getting the same trophies over and over again?

        Er777, you are right. Offline mode does nothing in regards to disappearing trophies.


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          Is this real? LoL!



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            I don't get it.


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              I've noticed that if you load the game without logging into PSN beforehand, the game will not show the trophies you've earned and thus, will think you're earning them again.

              If you DO log in before you load the game, the trophies you've earned will show up within the game and you won't re-earn them.

              I've only tested this on the Vita version but I have a feeling it's true for the PS3 version as well.

              Does this help at all? (Or am I misinterpreting the problem?)