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Please add option to disable multi-ball camera for PS Vita

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  • Please add option to disable multi-ball camera for PS Vita

    I think ZP2 is great with the exception of that aggravating multi ball camera. Please make an update to make it optional to use the multi ball camera, especially for the PS Vita. Also it would be awesome to see what the ZP2 team could create as far as custom ball designs for use on all of the tables.

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    I'm assuming you are talking about the scrolling cameras, since you have a couple multiball cameras to choose from (1, 1W and 2). The scrolling cameras are not possible on multiballs, because they are designed to track the ball. When there's more than one ball to track, it goes screwy.

    We experienced this in the past on the Shaman on Zen Pinball 1 (PS3). There was a mechanism, where the ball can be captured/locked into place right below the CAST holes. You were suppose to hit captured ball to spell out CAST (to start a mission). For some reason, the scrolling camera would sometimes lock onto the captured ball instead of the actual ball in play. It was even worse, when it would sometimes alternate between the two balls for no apparent reason. I was told it was because the game was treating the two balls as a multiball. The only workaround was playing the table on a fixed camera angel. In ZP2, they just disabled the capture mechanism and you just spell CAST the traditional way.
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