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Help! Can't import tables

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  • Help! Can't import tables

    I recently downloaded zen pinball and enjoyed the demo tables, not yet wanting to spend $10 on one table i bought Epic quest and Civil war on the Playstation network (PS3). I downloaded and installed them however whenever I hit square to import the tables i bought the system either says an error has occurred or that their are no tables found to be imported.

    How do i properly install my tables? Am I doing it correctly and the system is broken?

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    Are those the only two tables you have bought for Zen Pinball 2?


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      yea, i read another post where someone mentioned i have to buy PvZ. Now i'm walking the confusing path of getting the tables installed... keeps on sending me to the download screen... do i have to download the demo?


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        10 $ for one table? You misinterpreted that...its 10$ for a four pack of Zen originals or Marvel tables....10$ for 3 pack of Star Wars tables...single table vary from 2.49 to 2.99...

        The import feature is for tables you have bought from either Zen Pin 1 or Marvel pinball..if you dont have those seperate games & the respective dlc, then the import tool is unneeded in your case... what that does is bring tables you previously paid for in those games to ZP2 for free...just purchase table packs from inside the zp2 menu if your looking to just purchase for that (zp2) game..

        Yep download the demos first! Then purchase the unlock...

        And welcome to the madness of Zen Pinball!
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