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Star Wars Pinball Standalone (PSN)

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  • Star Wars Pinball Standalone (PSN)

    The standalone Star Wars™ Pinball game is coming to PSN next week! Check out the PlayStation Blog for details:

    PS Blog (US)
    PS Blog (EU)

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    Cool! I'll check it out next week.


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      Originally posted by shogun00
      Cool! I'll check it out next week.
      Sith or Jedi?
      PSN ID- RayCrocheron82
      Gamertag- RAFIE82
      YouTube- Rafie Crocheron
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      Tables Wishlist- Hanna-Barbera 4 pack, Holiday table, DC tables, or any Zen table...even if it's My Little Pony


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        I have the standalone version for android, its pretty cool. Your "pro" score is your force score in this version, every game you complete (instead of getting p.o.'d and backing out, lol) you get points towards the light/dark side, with the more points you get, the higher ranking you achieve (from padawan to jedi master, sith adept to sith lord), the trophies/achievements should be different from the ZP2 t's & cheevos (they are diff on the droid vers. in comparison to zp hd) and there are sw version specific ones as well (attain highest sith/jedi rank, beat 10 of your friends on a table, have the highest force score among your friends, etc) should be good stuff.

        Plus i would think this means new SW tables are on the horizon! Yea! Also, just read that your zp2 tables will import to this version, so good news there.

        And know whose side im ready bro? Snakeman you too!
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          Originally posted by Rafie
          Sith or Jedi?
          Don't know! I'll join the side that most of my friends have chosen.


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