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made a mistake and now i want to know if i can fix it

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  • made a mistake and now i want to know if i can fix it

    First and foremost, i owe everyone at zen pinball a huge thank you. I bought marvel pinball out of boredom and on a whim and ever since i have been pinball mad. It kicked open the floodgates for me into a whole new subworld of gaming. Through your product i learned i love pinball. So obviously i got zen pinbzll 2 when it came out. When i decided to get a few new tables i didnt think and bought them in zen pinball 2 as opposed to marvel pinball and importing them, now it says if i want to access Civil War and the Avengers pack in marvel pinball it says i have to rebuy them. Is there any way to remedy this without more money being spent, its kind of tight around my house right now so im trying to avoid any extra expenses. I also own the street fighter table on 360 and was curious if there were any way to import it into zen pinball 2 so i genuinely had my collection together.

    If there isnt any way to do that and i just messed up, its ok, i was just trying to find a way to organize all tables into where theycame from and then have acopy of them all imported into ZP2. Thanks ahead of time for anyones help in the matter, im off to buy the V&V and Star wars packs, through th emarvel and star warz standalones respectively, and then import.

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    Unfortunately the import feature can only pull tables from Marvel to Zen Pinball 2 - not the other way around. Sorry