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Guys it's me Kemetman I got hacked! Please I really need some friends.

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  • Guys it's me Kemetman I got hacked! Please I really need some friends.

    Hello to everbody I got hacked for$755 and Sony thought the bank would return the money to them, but I guess they don't know the rules too well. Point is my main account is banned because Sony says I mowe them the formerly mentioned money. I got a White 500gig SS. But a lot of things are gone when dealing with a sub-account.
    Miracalously my Zen collection is in tack but I have no friends.Sending it to my sub-account may work I don't know. I had to re-buy TPA, but that's on my SSlim's account. Snakeman,Shogun,Rafie I would greatly appreciate your friendship again. If people could send me friend requests at my old handle Kemetman72-_ and my new system account Rivets70 and anyone else who loves pinball I would have the deepest of respect and gratitude towards you. Years ago I was in a car accident that damaged my brain cognitively. I also suffer from a wide array of psychiatric disorders. All because of an UNINSURED DRUNK DRIVER! So you can imagine my depression in general it's quite severe. Everything was taken from me then and now a lot has been taken from me now.
    So I reach out to a community that I love and a company that I love. I am weeping as I try to write this. Please help me, thank you. ALL friend requests will be accepted and honored. All my Home stuff is gone and a backlog of games that are worth 4 times want Sony wants me to give them are gone. I have to live with my parents amd I get disability so I really had to save for those games. Sony doesn't care that it wasn't my fault and I refuse to pay for a criminal's actions. Please don't use CC's! Sony's Wi-Fi is easily hacked and I have the highest security settings on my end.
    Sorry Barbie if this wasn't the place to write this. I would be very honored to be friends with any of the staff as well. I have plenty of room on both accounts, since I am at a big fat 0. Barbie please delete my other account, thank you.

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    So sorry to hear about this, please don't hesitate to add me, my PSN ID is BarbieBobomb


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      First try contacting Sony again, request to speak to their supervisor and explain the situation to them. The regular CSR's are just following the rules that are given to them and they can get into real trouble if they break those rules. A supervisor on the other hand can override those rules without any consequence. It may take some time to explain everything again, but they should be able to help you.
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        I'm so sorry to hear that. As soon as I get home from work, I will definitely send you a request. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you otherwise.
        PSN ID- RayCrocheron82
        Gamertag- RAFIE82
        YouTube- Rafie Crocheron
        Nintendo ID- Rafie82

        Tables Wishlist- Hanna-Barbera 4 pack, Holiday table, DC tables, or any Zen table...even if it's My Little Pony


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          Wrong ID

          Sorry my ID is Rivets72. Told ya I have memory loss and shogun I did talk to a supervisor and it's either I pay up or my main account will be banned forever.


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            Boy don't go looking for friends at the TPA forums. They are all a bunch of stuck up know it alls. I have been on the pinball and mame emulation scene for like 15 years now and yet any comment you make is met with sarcasm. Believe it or not I have a lot of pinball knowledge and can script a table myself. Just saying there are a lot of not so nice folks on there compared to really nice folks on Zen. Thanks Zen for the continued friendliness and manner in which the forum is handled. Kudos to Barb!!


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              Originally posted by Rivets72
              Boy don't go looking for friends at the TPA forums. They are all a bunch of stuck up know it alls.
              Well "all" is a bit of an exaggeration. I and a few other members here attend their forums.

              The TPA forums are better than Farsight's Facebook page to say the least. Nothing but a cesspool of negativity there.


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                Sorry not all, but Zen's forums are a lot friendlier. I just get the feeling a majority of people don't like me at PA's forums that's all. Any request for a pinball buddy has come from here and believe it or not they guys at VP taught me a lot. I know more than I let on. I can even make a driver for a pin, but the PC situation has been grim...lost 2 laptops and my son has a mid to upper PC, but he won't let anyone use it or I would help Destruk and the rest of the Vpinmame team in any way I could. I would help out ANY friend in any way that I can. Don't know C++ yet but I am learning! So I apologize if I seemed overly critical. Thanks for listening.