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  • Profit making ZEN PINBALL

    I have Zen pinball 2 on my PS3 which is shared by Myself and My Wife, separate user log in names. We can both play Zen and any purchased tables (bought under my name) in both of our PS3 log ins. However, we have both got PS VITAs, but only mine will allow the cross purchase feature, and although I have just reloaded Zen 2 onto her VITA, am I really going to have to pay again for all the tables that she wants? Bit of a cheek, considering the price!

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    Unfortunately, you're going to have to repurchase all of those tables again. It's not Zen's fault that Sony only allows one PSN account per Vita.


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      Cross-Buy only supports transfer to the same account used to purchase the game. It has to be this way, or one person buying one copy on PS3 could share purchases with infinite Vita users (and vice versa).


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        Yeah like shogun said, it's sony's fault. but don't worry, the same thing happend to be, but just 1 table (excalibur)