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I really miss the Marvel tables :(

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    Originally posted by Bearded_Warrior
    Me too actually. I'm not sure exactly why though. Maybe because Star Wars is just overexposed in general. I can't deny the quality and production value of the tables themselves. It's superb. I just think in direct comparison to the Marvel themes it feels dead. Star Wars was 30 years ago. The Marvel characters live on forever are constantly evolving and living out new stories in the comics. It's more dynamic. Star Wars feels more static.
    For me it's more because all Star Wars tables ultimately feels like one theme. Whereas Marvel tables, while they are all superheroes, provide a much more diverse theme and background overall. I agree the quality of production for the Star Wars table is top notch and at the end of the day a good table is a good table, but I also like variety so things don't get boring as I switch between tables.

    However I am pretty sure the Star Wars tables will help draw in a big crowd who would otherwise never even consider pinball. I was aware of Zen pinball's existence but never got interested until I found out about Marvel themed tables. Now Sorcerer's Lair and Paranormal are my two favourite tables.