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    Zen 2:

    These two messages are copies of e-mails I sent to you directly, without response, so I'm posting them here for discussion now that I am aware of the Forum.

    First message:

    Please forward this e-mail to the people in charge of this kind of thing. Thanks.

    On the PSN based multiplayer, Zen 2, Star Wars Pinball, and I assume Marvel Pinball, all give options for things like the score goal or time limit, penalties, etc. Unfortunately, each of these use too coarse of selections (for instance, the point goal going from 1M to 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. What if I need one for 15M point goal? Each of the numerical options for selecting the paramaters of the gaming should allow you to tweak it in units of one (again, for instance, the penalty 0% the 1%, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 … 99, 100%).

    This change (the ability to alter our parameters in units of one) would greatly enhance our playing experience and should be a fairly easy modification to implement.

    Second (last) message:

    Zen 2, Marvel Pinball, and Star Wars Pinball:

    Please forward these to the applicable departments.

    A few bug reports:

    Marvel Captain America's table's high score entering has letters out of order. The "W" and "V" are transposed.

    I've also noticed on the score tallying bottom pane in Zen 2 that it's buggy. It often shows the wrong score or shows someone else's score as mine (or vice versa).

    Marvel Pinball:

    I bought my Star Wars Pinball tables from SW Pinball. Unfortunately, I was misinformed about Marvel Pinball's availability and ended up purchasing ALL other tables (Marvel and all) from Zen 2. If you buy them for MP, they can be imported into Zen 2 (like SWP tables can) but not the other way around. I contacted Sony PS about this and was surprised to find my refund request denied even though I was going to immediately purchase the proper versions of the table so that they would work on MP and Zen 2. PSN and I would have broken even on that deal. I hope you can clear this up with Sony PSN and allow Zen 2 tables to be exported to Star Wars and Marvel Pinball applications, not just the other way around. They offer some different gameplay, tournaments, trophies, etc., so I wish to own both.

    I made my exchange request in time (before 30 days) but no joy.


    I know nearly every game is made for High Def these days, forsaking those of us with 480i 4:3 displays, but it's darn near impossible to read much of the text, especially the faux-dot-matrix displays. Perhaps a selection to turn the "dots" into full sized pixel blocks that abut each other.

    I also don't understand why such a low-tech game like Pinball uses 720p instead of 1080p (like Pinball Arcade which has to simulate real tables).

    Respectfully yours,
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    Hi there - I did see these emails and responded to them, not sure why it didn't make it to you, I will try to resend.