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Which tables you find the most Challenging/Easiest

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  • Which tables you find the most Challenging/Easiest

    I haven't come across or seen a post like this in a while but was curious which tables you find Challenging or the Easiest.

    I was going to start another top 5 or 10 thread but Dr. Strange is coming out sometime this month. I would think that table would be in consideration.

    I would consider challenging would be tables tables that are difficult getting to the 'Wizard' mode and beat it or tables whose missions with the easiest way of getting tho the wizard modes or easy missions and not tables where you can keep the ball in play for a while.

    For me the most challenging one are

    Civil War - The ideas is neat and interesting depending one which hero you choose in the beginning. Getting the heroes to you side seems simple enough but once a hero goes to the other side, it's tougher to get them back. Then when you actually finish the wizard mode it's an uphill battle to get them to switch over.

    Fear Itself - My favorite table. Hands down the best of the Marvel tables anyway. The missions are challenging and getting to the wizard is still petty tough. Especially with the last 'Worthy' (Skadi). The robot/Mech walking in front can be annoying. A really satisfying table.

    Return of the Jedi - Challenging only because Deep had tweaked the Slingshots to where it's comparable to real life tables. (which I think should be done to all of the table IMO) So the fear of out-lane drains is quite apparent. Also the missions can be challenging enough.

    Mars - Getting the wizard mode is kind of tough. The pyramid mode is tough because of the targets on the left that spells MARS.

    Iron Man - Challenging to get to the wizard mode as you have to do light all 6 lanes and do all 6 missions. Even if you get to ultimo, if you get down to 1 ball you have to do all of the missions and light lanes all over.

    Thor - Quite unique missions. But like Iron man if you get down to 1 ball and don't beat the wizard mode, you start over.

    Shaman - the left and right sinkholes can be annoying to shoot at. Starting the mission takes a bit longer to do than most tables.


    Sorcerer's lair - You don't have to beat the missions just get through them. The incentive of course is to beat the missions for the stones and higher reward for getting to the wizard mode.

    Ghost Rider - As in Sorcerer's Lair, All you have to do is start the modes.

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    Civil war. same reason as above.
    PvZ - For some reason..i can't reach 100M score in this table..the table became so tight after that update >_>
    Infinity Gauntlet - I still can't get all the gems (space and mind comes to mind XD)
    V12 - i need more practice on this table. upgrades are hard to get. i like this table a lot though.
    Iron man - everyone knows how hard this is.
    Ninja gaiden - I still don't know how to activate and complete the missions XD

    Ghost Rider - don't really care about the missions. But scoring is easy via MBs XD.
    FF - stacking MBs is fun XD.
    Epic Quest - easy to reach wizard mode. though i skip it and just kill some more baddies and then MB XD
    Sorcerer's lair - same as above. hopefully they fixed the extra ball bug in the vita version so that i can beat that 2nd placer on my scoreboard XD


    Fear Itself - MBs are fun. Missions are challenging as well. Haven't reached wizard mode yet.
    Infinity Gauntlet. I like MBs XD. Reality gem MB is the best XD (though i just flip the vita screen to make it easier XD)


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      Clone wars
      Ninja gaiden
      Iron man

      Sorcerers lair
      Darth vader


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        Hardest Sorcerer Mode :
        - Mars : Pyramid Final is so random with the MARS letter to light
        - Civil War : you need to know the table perfectly and don't shoot where you can launch and lose a mission (and a partner). But the diffculty is after the first Wizard Mode, when you change side and you start against all partners. Don't even try to launch a "match" between Iron Man and Captain America at 0-8.
        - Iron Man ans Thor : Beat Ultimo or Loki is very difficult AND you must restart all missions if you lose to it.
        - Clone Wars : last mission is diffcult AND some missions before also
        - Earth Defense : you need to know exactly how to win the medals and avoid the invasion. Also, extra-balls are so random to win that you really have only 3 balls, instead of 8 for others tables
        - Ninja Gaiden : i haven't do it, can't pass the 3rd mission
        - Boba Fett : the Wizard Mode from the Empire Mission has a pure random passage when you need to put balls on the sarlac pit

        Easiest Waizard Mode :
        - Ghost Rider : missions are easy and wizard mode also
        - Sorcerer's Lair : you don't have to win the missions to unlock the Wizard Mode
        - Paranormal : when you have the "touch" with the magnetics, you can launch all the missions easily
        - Starfighter Assault : only the phase 1 on last mission is difficult because the timing is strict, but you can extend yout timing by upgrading the shield of the mothership.
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