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Zen Pinball 2 on PS4 FAQ

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  • Can't access most of my tables

    Originally posted by shogun00
    It's a known problem that is on Sony's end. The work around is going to the web browser version of the PS Store (sign in) and click on "download to PS4" for each table demo and unlock. Once you start up your PS4, it will automatically download them.
    This doesn't solve the problem for me. I have lots of tables purchased on PS3, and they appear in my download list in the browser, but for PS3 and Vita only. For example, the following are not activated on my PS4, and do not appear as PS4 downloads in the browser, in the Playstation Store, etc.:
    • Star Wars Heroes Within
    • Walking Dead
    • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Core Collection
    • Iron & Steel Pack
    • Venom

    I've tried the other tricks mentioned re: signing in and signing out of PSN, restoring my authorizations, etc.

    Over the years, I have purchased most Zen Pinball tables, so many and over so many years, it is difficult to show a complete list of what I have. But right now on my PS4, I can only see a handful.

    Barbie Bobomb, can you help?


    • Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
      Weird - glad it all downloaded though!
      EDIT: I just realized that Pinball FX 3 is the successor to Zen Pinball 2 (maybe sequel isn't the right word), and is a free download. I was able to import (almost?) all of my tables from PS3 Zen Pinball 2 with no issues.

      I'm sure this thread mentions that people should download Pinball FX 3 vs. Zen Pinball 2 if they are just upgrading to a PS4 now, though I didn't have the patience to look

      Here's what I wrote earlier trying to get Zen Pinball 2 to import on PS4:

      As it turns out, my PS4 download list only contains tables purchased from January 2016 or later, while my PS3 download list contains my full purchase history, with my first table purchase all the way back to February 2010 (the Street Fighter table). I should note that the first Zen Pinball 2 purchase is from September 2012 (earlier than that is the original Zen Pinball).

      My PS4 Zen Pinball 2 download list (exported to a spreadsheet) is 9 rows, while the PS3 list 60 rows. This includes the demo and unlock for many of the tables, but also includes packs such as the Classics Pack, the Core Collection, the Iron & Steel pack, etc.
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