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Looking for some PS4 Buddies for Zen Pinball 2

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    Added everyone here, putting my name here for others. PSN = JimmelEx. Fell free to add me, just put something in the message body.

    Owned tables: Sorcerer's Lair, Deadpool, Epic Quest, Super League Football.

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      I'm probably already listed in this thread but:
      PSN: Omnithrash

      I have all the tables for Vita and PS4. Play it faaaaaaaaaaar more on the Vita though. (it's just better for pinball!)
      Just make sure you send a note saying its for pinball Zen/Tpa or I probably won't accept the request.


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        Add me

        I'm crumbles


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          Ps4 Id: Blazergamer007


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            psn id = "junkyard-sam"

            Anyone can add me! I play on PS4. I'd love to have some scores to beat! Just say "pinball" or whatever in the friend thing.

            PSN ID = "junkyard-sam" (the dash is required!)
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              Been bitten by the pinball bug again recently. Feel free to add me and give me some scores to aim at.

              PSN - TysonBane
              PSN - TysonBane


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                Hello Everyone,

                I'm new to this forum but have been playing Pinball on the Xbox for a while. I'm now moving over to the PS4 and would love some pinball friends to have some high scores to try to beat. I've added people from this thread, Feel Free to add me too.

                PSN ID is ThinkTanker.


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                  Meee Tooo

                  Add me too ID: PSN: gazhax
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                    Add me as well, PSN searsgamer


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                      Cool idea. I play on PS3, Vita and PS4. Nobyl_Chickan.

                      Also play on phone (Chickan117 - swarm) and Windows tablet (Xbox Live - Chickan117) if anyone's there too.

                      Would love to have more people in my pinball friends list. Stagger it a bit so there's me at around 10 million and the next person somewhere between there and the current 250+ million! Lol


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                        I'm probably already in this thread, but here it is again

                        PSN/Xbox Live: Omnithrash

                        I have all the tables for both Zen and TPA and play on PS4, Vita and Xone.

                        Just make sure you add a note that its for pinball or I probably won't accept.


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                          Add me

                          I've been playing fora little while and looking for some friends. I have pretty much all of the tables except for Street Fighter and the soccer one

                          psn id: clank543


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                            I only recently got a PS4 and downloaded this game for free with the sorc table. I am now completely hooked (and complete noob).
                            Coming from PC games, I am fairly new with this PS4 friend list thing, but here is my psn id: killerbees78.

                            I just bought the 4 Star Wars tables: Heros within and love them!!!
                            Been sooo long since I have played any type of pinball game and I can say I am so hooked haha.

                            Love this game!


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                              Always great to see new people joining and trying out the game. Feel free to add me if you'd like!


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                                Looking for some PS4 Buddies for Zen Pinball 2

                                Please add me, KeepItClassy920, just put ZP2 in the message body.