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Pinball Concept "Two Player Pinball" or "Double Pinball"

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  • Pinball Concept "Two Player Pinball" or "Double Pinball"

    I couldn't find a contact option on the site for just suggestions, and I'm not sure where this post would fit in on the fourms so I chose the version of Zen Pinball I play to post it in But I did want to lay down this idea to Zen Studios first.

    The idea is to have two Pinball Tables on screen at the same time side by side that could be controlled by two seperate players (not to be mixed up with one person controlling the left flippers and one the right, but one player for each table) and would connect in some way. An example being a ramp leading towards the wall of one table and being spit out into the other table for the other player to use. The idea could be used for either co-operative play or competitive, co-operative having a shared score and competitive having separate scores.

    To make sense of how it could be physically possible (I know none of this would mater in a video game but I figured I would say it anyway), there are a couple of options one being the tables are slightly separated with the connecting part being external, for example a tube that connects the two tables, or where the players hands would be could be indented to allow for the players to have room for the flippers between the tables. And the launchers could be on the side where the tables meet so that the balls would have a shared pool so that you don't lose all the balls on one table and have none for the other, but it could also be the standard way for both tables to have the launcher on the right because there could be mechanisms under the table that make it make sense for all we know.

    Okay enough rambling now on to mechanics here are some ideas that could be implemented into this
    -First off the ball can travel between tables (the whole point of course)
    -There could be a lock on the pathway that needs to be unlocked to pass through, or that the pathway could be triggered to close for competitive play statagy. Also the amount of paths between don't have to be limited to 1
    -There can be a way to warp between both tables.
    -If a player gets a ball out then the alternate player will start the next ball. (alternate being whoever did not start that one if you send the ball to the other table and is lost by the other player, they still get to start the next ball)
    -A table bonus could allow a ball launch on the other table. (to allow for simultaneous play)
    -Instead of the traditional 3 ball game it could have either 6 total with 3 for each table to start or 2 for each to start and on the 5th go both tables can start a ball.
    -"Shared multiball" Multiball can start 2(probably more reasonable so there isn't too much going on to process at the same time),3,or 4 balls that start on each table,but of course could still transfer between either table. (also to allow for simultaneous play)
    -It will only count as a ball out if neither side has an active ball. (if each player has a ball and only one is lost they wont be penalized as long as the other one has an active ball.
    -The loop or ramp could be long to allow a chance for the ball to fall back.
    -Both players could be required to shake or tilt the table.

    Of course it could have an online mode to play together or local play, and a modified mode where one player can control both tables in case they have no way of playing with others.

    I believe this concept could turn into something great, and if it could start with a licensed brand would blast off, but I can only hope.

    Does anyone agree with me that this sounds fun? I wouldn't mind seeing something like this done in real life pinball but I can understand how technical it could get trying to make it work properly.
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    It's already been done on the PS3. The title is called Pinballistik and it was made by Creat Studios. The game has a classic mode (traditional table) and a battle mode (two player mode; human or AI opponent). The battle mode is exactly the same as what you are describing above.

    Personally, the concept was interesting, but it gets dull real quickly.


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      Aww dang all that work for nothing I was imagining the tables still being separated by a wall just with apathways to the other table


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        Originally posted by kyleglor View Post
        Aww dang all that work for nothing I was imagining the tables still being separated by a wall just with apathways to the other table
        That's what Pinballistik did. There is a middle divider separating the two players and the ball can only transfer to the other side with certain ramp shots.

        If you have a PS3, the main game is available for free. It comes with one table theme (western) both in classic and battle form. There are two other table themes available as DLC, which you can demo before buying.


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          I've only got PS4 but it sounds fun but I think I'd like to stick with zen tho thanks for the info


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            The Spy Vs. Spy table for Future Pinball is fun.