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  • Speedrunning Zen Pinball 2

    Hello there
    I'm playing this game for quite some time now but was on a hiatus for the last couple months after finally getting all the trophies in Marvel Pinball. In these months I've watched a lot of speedruns of various games and enjoyed it a lot. Last week AGDQ took place the biggest speedrunning marathon there is so I thought to myself: Why not speedrun some of the tables in Zen Pinball 2? So I started playing again with the Star Wars: Episode V table which is one of my favorites and after a couple of hours I managed to get a personal best time of 17 minutes and 10 seconds. The Time starts once the table is loaded and you hit the launch button to start the game and ends once you hit the final lit orbit or ramp during the Darth Vader fight in scene 6.

    Doing this all by myself is not the greatest thing ever so I'm hoping there are people here that would join in the competition for the best time . I know there are some payers here that are quite a bit better than me so it would be kinda weird for me calling my personal bests world records. I know that I can get well below 15 minutes on the Episode V table so others can as well .

    I'm also streaming my speedruns at every once in a while if anybody wants to check that out .

    Hopefully we can get a little competition going in here

    Edit: I improved my time quite a bit to 14:10. My goal is to get a sub 12:30. I think that the lowest time possible would be around 11:00 but that's only if you hit every shot first try, find Luke in Scene 1 on the first shot etc.
    Not something that's all that realistic. Here's the link to my still pretty messy run
    Sorry for the bad quality and the skips.
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    I now improved my time to 12:43. I lost one ball in scene 1 right at the start of the third checkpoint. I lost around 30 seconds just because of that so getting under 12 minutes is definitely possible. It's just really hard not to screw up anything at all up until the end and then hope that the final checkpoint gives me some nice lanes to hit. For now this time seems to be good enough for me.
    Here's a link to the run :


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      Am finding this game interesting
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