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  • Ps4 Tables on PsVita

    Hi Zen team
    I have a question about my purchased tables on the Ps4 .
    Why can not I play with my purchased for 26 euro tables of Ps4 on my PSVita ?
    I do not think it's fair just because I 've seen it too late if you have bought the first on the PSVita , the tables can import them on the Ps4 and I now again to pay so much money to be able to play them on the PSVita !
    I'm PS + member and everything I buy is stored there and if possible system across again made ​​available only with non- Zen Pinball !
    What is the problem the tables purchased simply unlock on my PSN account so I can play this on the Ps4 and the PSVita ?

    I am very enthusiastic about this pinball and I have recommended it to several friends from my friends list Ps4 but that's not exactly the most user-friendly system which you are applying. I do not understand why the tables are not to be compatible with the PSVita if they were bought on the Ps4 !

    I hope you can help me with my problem continues!

    Greetings Atropoz

    ps: sry if my english is not so good!