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  • 3D TV - Recommendations

    Hey everyone! Quick question - do you play ZP2 in 3D on PS3 or PS4? If so, what 3D TV do you use? Any recommendations would be very helpful, thanks!

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    Definatly Sony 55w905 because of the really low input lag it has in the game mode. It also comes with 4 3D glasses that are active for best possible resolution.

    You can also use simulview with special Sony glasses with makes it possible to have 2 player play the same game on same screen without seeing eachothers screens. Really cool feature but no ps4 game supports this yet (wink, wink)


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      I have a Panasonic 42" plasma 3DTV. I can't remember the model number but it's one of their 'top of the range' models. It has always worked brilliantly and I've never even had to adjust any settings.

      There is no "game mode" setting as far as I can tell, but the 3D is amazing (it's active 3D, not passive), graphics look high-res and sharp, and there is absolutely no flipper lag. It's perfect.

      ( However, I still mostly play ZP2 on my Vita )


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        I have a LG 65LM620S

        This LCD-TV is using passive glasses and the picture is very bright and there is absolutely no noticeable ghosting.

        I play on PS3 and PS4.


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          Thanks for the recommendations, everyone


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            Just got a 60" Samsung 3d tv. Playing ZP in 3D is pretty cool.



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              Philips 46PFL8007. Great active full HD 3D and Ambilight Spectra XL. Dual play is also supported.
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                I use a passive Phillips 42PFL7606H