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    I used to be very heavy into PS3 trophies which actually got me into this game in the first place. Everybody said it was hard or even impossible to get all the trophys.
    I played Zen Pinball 1 way back and thought I'd never understand anything and quickly stopped playing. When Zen Pinball 2 was released I came back to it and got really into the game. I remember like it was yesterday that I tried to beat Zomboss on Plants vs. Zombies and it took me hours and hours of learning to finally get there. Most of the other tables also took me 4-5 hours or more to eventually beat. Then when I played some of them a second time in Marvel Pinball a lot of the easier tables were done a lot quicker while others still took me quite some time.
    That's when I played ZP2 and Marvel most actively and I think I was pretty darn good at the time.
    After coming back from a little hiatus earlier this year I started speedrunning the Episode V story and quickly came to a level were I could beat the story mode every single time with relative ease. A task that according to several trophy sites less than 100 people have done at all.
    A couple days ago I started playing ZP2 on the Vita and tried to get all the trophies there expecting to get stuck on the hard tables again. To my surprise I basically rushed through all the tables that gave me trouble the first and even second time around. I failed beating Galactus on Fantastic Four like ten times when I played it on the PS3. On the Vita I beat him the first time I ever got to him.
    Then Fear Itself. A table I remembered being really frustrating. Played it for the first time in months on the Vita: Beat all the Worthy and Skadi within a half hour. Then started playing Clone Wars just for the sake of it. Spent a lot of time trying to even reach the wizard mode on the PS3. It was a little rough on the Vita as well but after draining only one balls I reached the wizard mode and to my surprise beat it first try. Only about 1,5 hours after starting to play that table. I was in shock and couldn't believe it.

    My question to other Zen veterans: Have you experienced a similar learning curve? At first being completely overwhelmed. Then understanding what to do but being frustrated. Then getting comfortable with the easier tables but still spending hours on the harder ones to eventually getting so good at the game that everything seems to be possible?
    At the moment I feel like I could accomplish everything I want in this game .

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    I guess it comes with Muscle Memory imo, sometimes I would really find a Table difficult and just manage to beat it.. like Blade for instance then i came back to it randomly on PS4 and beat its Wizard Mode 1st time. I guess you start to improve once you realize the mistakes your were making and iron them out.. instead of shouting "The Table Hates Me!"

    In saying this after I played the Thor Table for more then 24 hours and 30 attempts (getting to it and failing) of the Wizard Mode later I beat the Wizard Mode, and I never went back to the Table as it scared me for life lol.

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