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Dr. Strange does not transfer from PS3. No matter what. Nope.

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  • Kemetman
    It won't import because Sony screwed up and Dr. Strange for the PS4 isn't available yet.

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  • Dr. Strange does not transfer from PS3. No matter what. Nope.

    I have tried everything I could think of to import the Dr. Strange table into the PS4.

    1. Purchased the Dr. Strange table on PS3 when it launched.
    2. Saw the Dr. Strange table when Zen Pinball 2 launched on PS4.
    3. Received errors when attempting to import (pressing square).
    4. Dr. Strange option for import appeared and disappeared sporadically for the next few days after launch and would never import.
    5. The table has since never shown up again for import.
    6. Tried deleting the Zen Pinball 2 from PS3 and re-installing including all tables. Long and tedious to no avail.
    7. Attempted to re-purchase on PS4, but it does NOT show up as a table for purchase.
    8. Followed steps to re-activate licensing of purchased tables per other forum posts to no avail.
    9. Gave up for weeks and played other tables.
    10. Scoured the forums hoping a solution had been made available and am not seeing anything.

    This really needs to be fixed... I literally have no way of importing or re-purchasing this table on PS4.