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Massive error on my PS4 ZP2, please help!

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  • Massive error on my PS4 ZP2, please help!

    So today I downloaded the new Super League Football table on PS4, but when I installed the trial and its unlocker it didn't show up in the menu. I thought it was nothing special, so I deleted and redownloaded them, but this time they couldn't even go past the "waiting for install" status, now I started to get worried. I rebooted the system but still no change. Then I decided to redownload the entire ZP2, thinking it would solve the problem, but now every single one of my tables have the same problem!
    Please help guys!
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    Massive error on my PS4 ZP2, please help!

    I had this exact issue with both Doctor Strange and then again with SL Football. The Doc Strange issue I resolved be deleting / redownloading zen pinball 2. I didn't want to do that again for super league football, so I went into library on the PS4 dashboard all the way to the right-hand side and was able to re-download super league football right from the library which initiated the install. After that I closed and relaunched Zen Pinball 2 and the table showed up.


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      Used your method and now my old tables work again, but not the SLF one. Even if it manages to get installed it still wouldn't show up in the menu. The worst thing is the game automaticly recognizes which team (Barcelona, maybe that's the problem) I bought, but wathever I do it will only show "download and play".