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Table Pack suggestion? My Ps3 is caput.

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  • Table Pack suggestion? My Ps3 is caput.

    My Ps3 is caput. (YLOD) and don't have means to get it repaired just yet. Tried all the other stuff i found online to no avail. I miss my Zen pinball and Can't fathom paying another $120+ to get my table collection again. I Miss it so much that I was thinking of getting SW pack #1, SW pack #2, Avengers Chronicles, or vengeance and Virtue on steam. Got the PBFX2 core pack and Splosion man for it when they were released as I couldn't wait whether they will get released on the PS3 or not. Can't get them at the same time.

    Just wondering what others thought as I love all of these packs equally. But I can't afford the $40 for them right now as I'm also saving up to get the final SW pack already.

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    Tenor I feel for ya I cant go a day w/o my tables. Good luck to ya with your fix up.