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  • shogun00
    What you are looking for GI (general illumination) lighting. GI lighting has several levels of dimming, which creates the unique effect in real pinball machines.

    I actually asked this question a few times in the past and they said, maybe later when most people have upgraded to better hardware. The problem is that only the PS4 and PC platforms can actually handle it at the moment. Their game engine is already very CPU demanding with all of those animation (characters and objects) going on.

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  • Vince
    started a topic Lighting Controls

    Lighting Controls


    I'm a fan, I have been on PS3, PC, and now the PS4. By the way, thank you Zen for giving me the PS3 tables I had bought for free on the PS4, thanks very much.

    The other guys, ProPinball and to a lesser degree FS, are getting into lighting adjustment. I would like to be able to tinker with the lights on my Zen tables too. I understand that it may be too much to expect you guys to go back and rework all the currently released tables, but what about adding light controls to tables in the future so I can play in the simulated dark etc. Can, and will, you do this thing Zen? Please.
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