On the PS4, but I'd guess it would be the same for PS3 as well: You can set both R1 and R2 (left ones too) to be flipper controls at the same time, and this is great as it's nice to change controller hold position now and again for comfort. My request is that nudge can be mapped the same way: I mean that there be an option for nudge to be controlled by both d-pad and left stick at the same time, currently it's an OR situation.

It's not a big change, but it would mean I could change my hold position periodically , to remain comfortable, without the need to pause and change the settings. Sounds trivial, but it would help me out as I get stiff you see.

If you could spend a minute to pass the request over to dev' Barbie I would be grateful. I don't think this would be upsetting to anyone, as when scrolling through the control options for nudge the current options for R1 OR R2 (left ones too) could still be there; this would be an additional option.

Thank you for reading.