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having problem with psvita and zen 2

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  • having problem with psvita and zen 2

    This problem only started after buying the new star wars tables(few days after). I can no longer play Zen pinball online when I do I get a error c1-12293-4. I tried rebuilding the database to no avail, I have also deleted everything and downloaded zp2 and tables again to no avail. I can play the game in airplane mode with no problems. I looked around the web and could not find anything so here I am.

    thanks in advance for any help

    P.S. this is the only game I am having problems going online with.

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    There are quite a few threads about this already.

    The problem is on Sony's end. They have yet to update the trophy list on their trophy server, so when you try to sync your trophies to the PSN that's when the error occurs. It's pretty much an infinite loop once you get that error, since Sony has the Vita programed to retry syncing once the error occurs and will continue to do so until if finally updates.