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    Originally posted by DiscoKing
    also while playing I suffered a ShoryukenToTheChin, when I was in the middle of the wizard mode multiball my ps4 controller died!!!! all my balls went down the drain.. no more jackpots for you and oh by the way reset the table for me to
    Oh why do I have a feeling that name is going to catch on for this....

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      Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
      You're not the only one, and that's fine. Deadpool as a character is (purposely) grating, so the table fits his personality. Obviously not everyone is going to love every single table we release, which is why we continue to make more all the time. Sorry this one was not a hit with you - but I'm sure you'll find more in the future that you like.
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        I didn't get the table when it game out, but decided to give it a shot after seeing the trailer for the upcoming movie.

        Visually, I find the table a bit chaotic; it certainly not Masters of the Force. Though, given the nature of the character, the tone fits. The audio and voices, on the other hand, I love.

        Modes and missions, from what I've played and read (haven't done them all), are creative and well done.

        The tables difficulty, or more specifically the manner in how it's difficult, is my main complaint.
        - The missions themselves, for the most part, are very reasonable.
        - The different mission difficulties is a great idea, and one I would like to see more often in an attempt to cater to those that find most tables too easy. The scoring for that, from what I gathered, does need revised; it really doesn't seem worthwhile to try to attempt it in hard.
        - Much has been made of the center ramp, which doesn't really bother me, though it hasn't hurt me too many times (fingers crossed).
        - I've made it clear in the past the I don't like high-strung slingshots at all. Far too many times, I get punished by them when I did nothing wrong at all.
        - The crux of the problem, I think, are the cross ramps. It's a very difficult shot that carries a lot of risk, as a missed shot often finds it's way to the outlanes. But worse, the table revolves around those shots, so you can't really pick and chose when to go for them. Which ultimately means 95% of the players out there won't get anywhere on this table.
        - Ultimately, the table seems like it's going out of it's way to cause a ball drain.

        Still, I am enjoying the table, and am glad to have gotten it.
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