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Next Zen Pinball incarnation, new tables - What I would like to see

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  • Next Zen Pinball incarnation, new tables - What I would like to see


    I'd like to post some ideas that came to mind while playing.
    Not sure, but I think it does'nt fit in the theme-thread, otherwise move it ^^
    And of course I don't know if some of them has already been mentioned.

    - I think a couple of Ingame Challenges per table (see Pinball Arcade) would really increase my motivation. Since ZP already determins many stats like how many successfull missions done, time per play, average balltime and so on, it would be easy to implement some Challenges. For example in form of cards (destiny...), "Battle Trohpies" (Star Ocean) or similar things. Awards maybe medals, cardcollection or, ha, I remember a coat stuck with medals from X-Wing, was it!? ;-)

    - Overall Progression: XP-like Level-Sytem that lets the player progress and unlock things like behind the scenes footage, designdocuments, maybe Hub-Color, special balls for certain tables etc.
    So, even if the player does not earn a new highscore, there is some progression.
    I'd like that a lot I think ;-)

    Some ideas for new tables:

    - ball colours the playfield more and more while playing
    - ball lights a dark playfield more and more
    - ball destroys the plafield and, for sure, can rebuild it
    - ramps, targets etc. "rank up" in sort of color from bronze to silver to gold or via lighting (partially we have this already I think)
    - ball seeds a playfield which is at the beginning of the game not more than a green grass and ends up a as a hayfield or
    - tables with more than one "big" playfield" where you cross a pathway to reach it. A PSOne pinball game comes to mind which did this, dont remember the name ...

    Ok that's it so far, would like to hear your ideas.
    Better not regarding themes or licences, we already have that.

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    You have some great ideas there! I really like the idea of the ball leaving a paint like trail on the playfield as it rolls around. That could be implemented in a mode/mission somewhere for sure. Same with the dimming/lighting of the playfield. I know some real pinball machines to similar lighting effects.

    I feel like we already have in game challenges in place with the trophy/achievement system, but expanding that to you include more stats would be cool too. And Epic Quest has a progression/level system similar to what you mentioned above. Not sure i'd want that on every table. I love the old school approach of every game starting from scratch and you have to go all the way every time. But more behind the scenes stuff and customization would be awesome for sure.
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