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  • PS4 account issue

    Hello All,

    I have recently purchased the Deadpool table on my PS4. Which i have 2 PSN accounts. One is my original account which i had when i lived in the UK and had done with my PS3. When i moved to Germany i had to make a new account due to buying PSN store vouchers or topping up via other banking methods.

    My question is: I purchase the table on my Germany account and installed on the PS4 and works fine. But when i go to play directly on my UK PSN name it requests that i buy the table again and i must log into the German PSN account for it to be playable on the UK account. Is there any way i can import the table instead of having to go to the German account to activate it and the return back to the UK account.

    Tried reinstalling the licenses.


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    Are you saying that if you are on your German account then the tables you have downloaded whilst on the UK account are just not there?

    I have two UK PSN accounts with purchases split between the two. When Zen recently made all the old tables available I just logged into my old PSN and downloaded them all. After switching back to my new account they are all available to me still.