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Speculation about Zen Pinball3/PB FX3 in the future...

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  • Speculation about Zen Pinball3/PB FX3 in the future...

    Just saw that there will be a "nice surprise" for Zen Pinball 2 possibly getting the PB FX 2 core tables, similar to FX2 getting Zen Classic core pack including Tesla etc...amazing.

    But I wonder why there are two separate platforms for PS/XB (Nintendo is also Zen Pinball).

    Going forward, doesn't it make sense to have one pinball game/platform for all systems?

    Making everything Zen Pinball 3 seems like a strong model to build upon. I have the platform on all my systems:PS3/4, XB 360/1, Wii U...and it gets to be a bit much trying to keep up scores and play different tables on alll the different systems.

    I'm going to use the PS4 as my main pinball machine and work on my Pro Scores over time. I downloaded PB FX 2 on my XB1 yesterday but with the PS4 getting all those tables recently, and I have about a dozen other games that need to be played, I may hardly play pinball on the XB1.

    It would be nice to know what the plans are for the future, but either way, I commend Zen for the job they're doing in both creating incredible tables and also the way that they make them them available to us - with the recent arrival of all those older Zen tables to ZP2 and fighting (erm, working with) Microsoft to let us import tables to our XB1's.

    Just seems disjointed as it is now.

    I'd love to hear comments from players, but especially from someone at Zen.
    Table wishlist: Tron . Halo . Gears of War . Final Fantasy . Robot/Mechs . Golf . Pool/Billiards