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  • PS3 vs Vita vs PS4

    I'm making this thread so we can list the differences on each version of Zen Pinball 2. I thought I wouldn't need to do this, but I'm noticing some significant differences between the PS3 version and PS4 version of the game. I also notice some minor differences in the Vita version. Most of the differences are just cosmetic changes (lighting and refections), but I just ran into a new animation in PS4 version of Ghost Rider last night and that's what really sparked me to make this thread.

    1.) The kickback lights behave differently in each version of the table.

    PS3 - The lights don't work at all.
    Vita - The right kickback light works, but not the left side.
    PS4 - Both lights work correctly.

    2.) The Vita version has a different animation for the Daywalker Multiball. In the PS3 version (not sure about the PS4 version yet), one ball rides on the fire escape before entering the table and the other two balls come out from two different habitrails. In the Vita version, the three balls just drop into the table.

    Ghost Rider:
    1.) The animation of Zackel's defeat is completely different in the PS4 version. The PS3 version and Vita version just turns to white screen after Ghost Rider says, "go to hell". In the PS4 version, there's no white screen. Instead, it flashes multiple colors and it looks like Zackel is being dragged back into hell. It looks really cool to say the least.
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    I've never payed any attention to aesthetic differences in the different versions but there are definitely gameplay differences. I play probably 98% of the time on my Vita, but I occasionally play on PS3 and have noticed quite a few times where shots that were difficult or easy on one version were much less so on the other. Also there's a lot of instances where the trajectory of the ball after rebounding off of something is quite different. I think I posted a thread of this a long long time ago saying how because of this the shared leaderboards between the consoles didn't make much sense but it never got any traction.

    Now that I think about it though I have noticed one major visual difference between the Vita and PS3. On all tables on the Vita everything appears to be much smaller for some odd reason.